“The vampire War & Peace” — Catherine Schaff-Stump

Prima Materia is my serial about warring vampires, the alchemists who want their blood, and maybe—just maybe—the return of a serpent god; it’s about the ethics of violence and the nature of faith; it’s got found families, dry wit, and an awful lot of blood and biting; it’s set in a diverse, queer, grubby, bawdy Enlightenment Europe both like and unlike our own, where “science” and “reason” are often in the eye of the beholder and beings not quite human walk among us. Every writer, I think, has a passion project, the one where we throw every trope and element we love into a story and run with it. Prima Materia is mine.

The books are posting in biweekly installments, several thousand words at a time. At the end of each volume, paying members will get the ebook and a signed paperback, plus any other swag, chapbooks, etc. In the meantime, subscriptions will help to keep a roof over my head, and defray the production costs for each book—editing and design aren’t cheap, nor should they be.

In addition to the serial, the website will also include character and conlang guides, notes on research and craft, galleries of visuals, the soundtrack I’m working with … all the different materials that are currently stuffing my notebooks and folders. You’ll be able to access all the secondary material with a free subscription; only the serialized books will require a paying subscription.

Questions? Contact me, or check out primamateria.online for more information.